CEO Speech

 Sections are called the Creator
What on earth you created a variety of colorful shapes and brought indeed work together in the Ayatollah and a sign (of theology) to alert people has emerged. (Chapter 13 verse Palm)
His help in the greenest of green land in the heart of pars Mazandaran forests provide an appropriate area with great facilities we have to be Mfry travelers and tourists to ecotourism; those who want the urban and industrial life of the commotion to escape and take refuge in the lap of nature.
The most important goal that we seek accommodation in the center will satisfy passengers and improved services on the one hand and the other qualitative and quantitative promotion of hotels and access to international standards and looking for high ranking and earn another star be.
Hopefully in the not too distant future the port Astant goddess Manan and Cooperation Dear Fellow practitioners and control we achieve these goals and this way in promoting tourism in the country have significant role.  God willing ...
Sam Agha Mohammad Sadiq
Tourism CEO Salardrh